15 Beautiful Arabic Tattoo Designs

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Arabia has a rich history and cultural background and the Arabic language is one of most beautiful languages in the whole world. Arabic tattoos are definitively in fashion in the world of the rich and the famous. Though some believers of Islam are of the view that tattooing is against the ethos of their religion, even Arabs can be seen wearing the Arabic tattoos.

Arab tattoos generally involve words or phrases written in the beautiful cursive Arabic script. The Arabic script is really elegant and artistic. The cursive letters are full of beautiful twists and turns, thereby, creating a mesmerizing display. Here, I have compiled a list of some of the wonderful and creative Arabic tattoos ideas for your inspiration.

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1. Arabic Tattoo Ideas

Arabic Tattoo Ideas

2. Arabic Lion

Arabic Lion

3. Murphy Rose

Murphy Rose

4. Back Neck Arabic Tattoos

Back Neck Arabic Tattoos

5. Arabic Writing

Arabic Writing

6. Tatuaje Arabe

Tatuaje Arabe

7. Arapca Dovme – Arabic Tattoo

Arapca Dovme - Arabic Tattoo

8. Scroll Tattoo

Scroll Tattoo

9. Arabic Names Tattoos

Arabic Names Tattoos

10. Arabic Princess Tattoo

Arabic Princess Tattoo

11. Side Arabic Tattoo

Side Arabic Tattoo

12. Lower Back Arabic Tattoos

Lower Back Arabic Tattoos

13. Tattoo Arabic

Tattoo Arabic

14. Arabic Script Tattoo

Arabic Script Tattoo

15. Stay Strong, Just Breathe Script Tattoo

Stay Strong, Just Breathe Script Tattoo