8 Simple Ways To Clear Up Acne

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In short, it is clogged pores and sebaceous (hair follicle oil) glands that become infected. This action causes visible blemishes in places where sebaceous glands are plentiful and pores are larger. Acne is typically caused by hormonal imbalances, blood impurities, emotional stress and a poor diet.

Luckily, since everyone has had acne, clear solutions have been found to reach clear skin. There are a few ways to clear up acne, one of the best ways is to pick a regimen that works for you and stick with it. Here, best way to get rid of acne is to not get it in the first place, but once you have it, here are the best ways I’ve found to get rid of it, fast!

How To Clear Up Acne Fast

  1. Avoid deep fried foods, all fast food, candy, cake and other sugary baked goods, and processed foods, and your skin will respond by clearing up over time.
  2. Soothe acne flare-ups with aloe vera. The enzyme-rich gel found inside of aloe vera leaves contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. You don’t need harsh chemical washes to keep your skin clear, or to clear up your acne really fast. The best thing to use is warm water on a clean washcloth.
  4. Drink more water. This is the simplest step, and can start with an extra cup when you wake up to a snazzy travel-bottle at your desk while you work.
  5. One of the best and most effective is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has a distinct scent to it, and that is because it is a very potent antibacterial agent.
  6. You may be tempted to use concealer to hide your acne, but that’s not going to get rid of it! Your skin needs to breathe to heal, so stay away from the foundation and concealer until it heals.
  7. Shower with gentle soaps and use equally gentle salicylic acid products afterward. Your skin gets a lot of abuse. The last place you want to punish it is in the shower.
  8. Oatmeal treats acne by absorbing excess oil on your face and drawing out impurities from your skin.