The Most Fabulous Natural Makeup Tips

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So you wish to look naturally pretty despite the use of makeup? A natural makeup look is polished and pretty and because you’re simply boosting your skin tone. Well, if you have a hot date this weekend and certainly don’t have time to embark upon a new beauty routine, here are some makeup tricks that can give you a natural glow without the made-up look! Go ahead and read on to gain access to valuable tips which can help you get the best out of the natural glow look!

How To Do Natural Glow Makeup

  • Face: The cornerstone of a flawless natural look is the right foundation to conceal any imperfections like redness (common in winter months due to chilly winds and frosty temperatures), blemishes or patches of discoloration, while letting the natural radiance of the skin beam through.
  • Eyes: Apply a shimmery shadow in light taupe or peach to your entire lid, and then brush a pale champagne highlighter along the brow bone and around the inner corners.
  • You can make your eyes look so much better when you go in for champagne hues. How do you achieve this look? Simple really, all you have got to do is gently sweep a cream highlighter over your cheekbones. You can also gently powder eye shadow across your eye lids.
  • Cheeks: A satin-finish honey-apricot blush amps up the warmth in fair skin. Dust it onto the apples of your cheeks, then swirl it back toward the temples.
  • For truly gorgeous, kissable lips, you can use a lip brush and dab it into the lipstick. Apply this on your lips and blot with a tissue. Reapply it altogether. This trick would help to keep the color on for a longer time. If you must use a lip liner, you need to match it with your lip color. Browns or darker shades are a huge no-no with natural glow lips. Lastly, when choosing lipstick shades, remember to stay away from the dark shades!