Top 10 Home Laser Hair Removal Tips

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With the modern methods becoming the hype of the day, laser hair removal treatments remove your hair so efficiently that it imparts you with a fresh skin and soft look. Laser hair removal tips are very effective in removing hair and thus this technique helps in giving you a refreshing and radiant look. For best results, here are some top laser hair removal tips that you should consider even before you undergo treatment.

The Most Effective Laser Hair Removal Tips

  1. At least two to three days before the laser hair removal procedure, you should shave the area and allow it to grow stubble.
  2. To avoid all discomfort apply a thick layer of over-the-counter cream with anesthetic lidocaine to your skin at least an hour before the treatment.
  3. You are advised to shave the portion where you want the laser beam to work some 2-3 days before the procedure and let it to form stubble.
  4. You should avoid waxing or plucking hair some days previous to the laser technique.
  5. Before undergoing the Laser hair removal services, you should check on the efficiency of the doctor, equipments, and services and do a skin test.
  6. You should look for the terms and conditions in the treatment papers, know the ways that will be applied on you, make sure of the prices of each process and then sign the papers for the Laser hair removal treatments.
  7. If you suffer from pain, redness, swelling, scarring, skin discoloration or blisters afterwards then you should consult your doctor immediately.
  8. Make sure you ask what kind of laser the clinic is using and read up on it! Research the side effects of laser hair removal and also the clinic or spa where you will be getting your treatment done.
  9. For best results use a good quality exfoliator to remove the dead hair from the follicle during the course of your treatment.
  10. People with tan due to UV sun rays should get themselves under laser hair removal only after their tan is over. Use goggles to guard your eyes from unintended exposure to beam to laser.

Keeping these key laser hair removal tips in mind will guarantee you not just a great hair removal experience, but a personal after-glow of confidence and happiness that will stand you in good stead for a long time to come.